“I Like Talking to You!”

I thought I would share with you a story about my daughter…

Last night, my daughter (who will be 13 years old in April) called me to her room and said, “I want to talk to you.”  I was in the process of going to her room anyway because I was going to read something aloud to her.  So I went in there wondering what she wanted to talk to me about.  I waited for a while before I proceeded with the read-aloud.  During this time, she simply chatted.  It turned out that there was nothing of particular significance that she wanted to talk about; she just wanted to talk and be listened to.  In the middle of it all, she remarked, “I like talking to you!”

What a wonderful compliment!  Although it may not be like this at all times, I know that she is appreciating our relationship more and more every day as we grow together.  All of the Staylistening and Playlistening and Special Time and just plain connecting I’ve been doing with her for a long time has helped make this possible.  Not to mention all the support I’ve gotten through the Listening Partnerships I’ve had.  Thanks to Hand in Hand!  I feel so grateful to have had all of this support!  I feel so blessed.

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