A Nasty Math Surprise

colorcalA father in one of our groups tried Staylistening when his 3rd grade daughter ran into a tough patch with math homework. She had left her math homework for last, it was late in the evening, and she was in for a nasty surprise. Her math homework was a whole page of 30 math questions!

“I can’t do this! This is impossible! It’s too late already. It isn’t fair that I’ve been given all this Math homework on top of my other homework!” she said.

Our father said that before he took our class he would have just told her to tough it out. Instead, he moved close to her and said, “You’re right. It’s not really fair that you’ve been surprised with this homework.” He then gave her 5 minutes or so to vent.

Then he had a suggestion, “Why don’t you start with the first problem and I’ll look at the second problem and offer some suggestions if you get stuck on it?”

She breezed through all 30 questions in under 20 minutes and her father only had to offer one or two short suggestions about the problems along the way. He said it was a vast improvement even over how well she did her homework when she wasn’t tired and at the end of a hard day!

A little Staylistening can go a long way.

One thought on “A Nasty Math Surprise

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