Laughter Eases the Way to Brushing Teeth

Photo (C) Jose Conejo Saenz 2006

Photo (C) Jose Conejo Saenz 2006

My husband and I said we’d turn a movie on for an hour as a special movie night.  Our two boys were saying “yes!” and excitedly giving me big hugs. They were connected after a good day of Special Time and playing.

But when the timer rang , to tell us it was time to turn off the movie, the boys were very reluctant. They were cross and disconnected.  I turned off the movie anyway and they were even more cross.  Now that it was time to brush teeth and go to bed, they were not in the mood.

So I used my index finger and started brushing their bodies, here and there, over their clothes playfully.  “Let’s brush teeth! Oh, this is not your mouth, let me see, brush brush, oh, this wasn’t your teeth again!”

The kids started protesting at first, then they started laughing.  We played with this whole body brushing for a while and not only did they brush their teeth soon after, their bedtime went very smooth, relaxed and reconnected.

—Keiko Sato-Perry, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor

Keiko Sato-Perry

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