Using Listening Time to Overcome Exhaustion

Photo (C) Bruno M. 2007

There was a period of time when I felt utterly exhausted every time I was with my kids. This made sense as I have twins who at this time were about two. But I also noticed the breaks I took did not relieve my fatigue.

Finally, I went to a Hand in Hand support group. At the group I had a really big cry and some feelings of loss and grief about my own childhood arose. When I left, I felt energized and happy. I rushed home looking forward to seeing my children and feeling excited to play with them.

Afterward, I realized how essential it is to release my own feelings in order to be present and fresh with my kids. I also learned to watch for those feelings of exhaustion and get some listening time for myself pronto!

– Alaiya Aguilar, Hand in Hand Instructor in California

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