Why Every Parent Should Take “No More Hitting!”

One of my fondest wishes is that every parent might take a course from Patty Wipfler, my colleague and mentor, who founded Hand in Hand Parenting.  Now, that dream is a step closer, with the online course, “No More Hitting!”  Using this troubling behavior as the focus, Patty takes parents through a three-week program that conveys the essential elements of her approach:  Listening partnerships, special time, playlistening, and staylistening.  These are powerful and effective techniques, but Patty’s course is more than that. Patty understands that parents don’t need any more blame or criticism—we give ourselves enough.  So she offers something different:  inspiration, encouragement, validation, and empowerment, along with the tools to make a profound difference in our own lives and our children’s lives.

Dr. Lawrence Cohen, author of Playful Parenting and The Art of Roughhousing. Join him for an upcoming teleseminar with Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand, “Don’t Turn Off The Light!” Helping Kids With Anxiety.

One thought on “Why Every Parent Should Take “No More Hitting!”

  1. Larry couldn’t have said it better! And I couldn’t agree more.

    Indeed, this is a fantastic course. Patty has such a beautiful, loving way of presenting the information that you can’t help but be immediately drawn to both the warmth and the logic behind what she presents. When you start watching one segment, you want to keep watching the rest. I have seen and heard Patty speak about, demonstrate, and lead workshops about the Parenting by Connection approach for many years now. She continues to inspire me every every single time.

    Usha Sangam
    (Parenting by Connection Instructor)

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