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Free Teleseminar: Meltdowns and Shutdowns

Led by Kirsten Nottleson and Patty Wipfler

Thursday, March 24, 2011, 6 – 7 pm PST

Children’s emotional outbursts cause some of the most difficult moments in parenting. This teleseminar will help you to understand young children’s emotional lives and build closer relationships after meltdowns and shutdowns.

Free Teleseminar: Setting Limits Without Ever Saying Time-Out Again

Led by Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand

Thursday, April 21, 2011, 6 – 7 pm PST

Children need adults to create healthy boundaries with warmth and authority, but without the awful power struggles. Learn how to set limits  today in ways that lay the groundwork for cooperative relationships for life.

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Playful Parenting Teleseminar

This is one teleseminar you won’t want to miss!

Join special guest, Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD., author of Playful Parenting, as he discusses the use of play in building warm, cooperative relationships and reducing the effects of stress in the family.

When: Thursday, September 16

Time: 6pm PST

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Roughhousing for Reluctant Mothers (and Fathers)

Want to pillow fight your way to a closer, warmer, more connected relationship with your child?

We’ll tell you how in this free Introduction to Parenting by Connection teleseminar. Join us to discuss ways to use play to heal issues and promote cooperative, loving family relationships. Have more fun with the kids this summer and relieve stress at the same time!

When: Thursday, June 24th

Time: 6:00 pm Pacific

Led by Patty Wipfler, Hand in Hand Founder

Building Support for Your Parenting

Photo (C) Julia Freeman-Woolpert 2007

When I was pregnant many people said, “Your life’s going to change once you have kids.” And while I nodded in agreement, nothing prepared me for the moment my daughter was born and my life really did change. As I held this perfect little person in my arms I realized I would do anything for her. And so, my journey as a parent had begun.

Parenting has been a path of joy and hardship for me, from sweet moments filled with snuggles and giggles to challenging moments filled with little fists and harsh words. No matter how dark my path has seemed at times, I continue to follow the light of connection toward my daughter. With the support I have found through Hand in Hand and my listening partners I see my priorities are shifting. I remind myself connection is more important than getting to school on time and playing in the rare rain of Central Oregon is worth postponing bedtime.

When parenting gets hard I now have a network of people who hold the space that I will find my way through this. My wish is to connect parents everywhere with the support they deserve. I hope you’ll join me for this months teleseminar on Building Support for Your Parenting. Please comment here with any questions you have on this topic and we’ll try to answer as many as possible during the call.

In the meantime, check out the Yahoo Group Hand in Hand Discuss. This online community is a wonderful resource for parents using the Hand in Hand tools. You can also connect with parents by searching the Yahoo Group Listening Partner Database (once you’re a group member) or check out the comments in our previous blog post Finding Parenting by Connection Parents in Your Area.

Let’s support each other in the worthy (and hard!) work of nurturing children!

~ Michelle Pate, Parenting by Connection Instructor and Consultant. Join her Building Emotional Understanding course, beginning September 13.

Free Teleseminar

Lying, Cheating and Stealing: When Good Kids Don’t Play by the Rules

Free teleseminar led by Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler

Thursday, November 12th – 6 pm PST – Participate by phone from anywhere!

Telling tales or lies, stealing, and breaking the rules of the game are some of the hardest behaviors for parents to understand. What do these behaviors tell you about your child, and how does a parent guide a child who stretches the truth, the rules, and everyone’s patience?

Join us for this free Introduction to Parenting by Connection teleseminar to discuss the implications of these behaviors and the practical steps you can take to help your child bring his or her best self forward. Parenting by Connection promotes the “super-protective factor” of parent-child connectedness which guards your child against a host of negative outcomes.

At heart, your child is good. Call in to learn how to bring out the best in your relationship and see that goodness shine through.

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